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5 Top Tips from Our Corporate Event Hire Expert

December 4, 2013 by In House Marketing

1940's corporate event

Warm and sunny, the silly season almost upon us and the working week coming to a close (for most of us) - the season for corporate events is here! If you’re looking for advice on how to do the perfect do, you’re in the right place.

Corporate events can come in many forms – awards nights, Christmas parties, product launches. No matter how small or big, these events can present themselves as a challenge if they’re approached in the wrong way. After more than a few years in the business, I’ve seen all the trials and tribulations that occur when planning a corporate event. While mistakes are funny to talk about the next day, they’re quite debilitating at the time, so I’ve come up with a few tips to avoid disaster.

Get in early: Seems like a no-brainer, but sometimes it’s good to have a reminder regardless – it’s imperative that you plan ahead, especially if you’re planning a large-scale event at an exclusive venue. Do your research, then when you’ve found the ideal venue, lock it in with a swift dollar deposit.

Set a budget: If you’re planning a black-tie event for your entire company plus guests, you’ll need a large budget to accommodate this. However, there are often additional costs that don’t come up in initial meetings or consultations, and you’ll need to make room in the budget for these, too.

Consider the guests: You will need to understand the kind of guest you’re inviting and ensure that what you’ve planned is for them and their needs. Is this employee-only or for clients? Are they current clients or could-be clients? Is it for business or pleasure? Take these questions into consideration and make adjustments to your plans as necessary.

Save the date well in advance: Once you’ve laid the groundwork – organised a venue, caterers, entertainment – you’ll need to let your guests know that they’ve been invited. Ideally you will be sending out invitations four to six weeks before the event to ensure maximum responses.

Feed them well: There’s nothing worse than a corporate event with insufficient catering. Actually, the only thing worse than that is no catering at all. When coming up with catering options, you will need to consider the number of guests coming and the dietary requirements they may have. When sending out invitations, include a note that they can send back (or an address they can email) outlining any important allergies or requirements they may need addressed.

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