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Beating The Lockdown Blues

August 13, 2021 by In House Marketing

Let’s Face it, Lockdown flat out sucks. At this point, Sydney Siders are well into their 8th week of staying at home and there is little joy left in Netflix and chilling. The simple pleasures of staying in pyjamas all day and eating whatever sounds good have worn off. The sight of the same people day in and day out is getting old and one more zoom meeting, while the kids are crying or playing in the background, is going to make us all snap.

With no end to this lockdown in the foreseeable future, it is time to take charge of this lockdown life and make it start working for you. While it seems the world has stopped, this time can also be used in several ways to improve yourself, touch base with dear friends, and still spend time with family even if it is in a virtual setting. Here are some tips and tricks to making the most out of lockdown and thriving during this frustrating and uncertain time. Here are some of the ways we have been beating the lockdown blues.

1. Exercise:

With exercise being one of the only things you are currently allowed to do outdoors, go for a walk.

You may be surprised by what a relief it is to just get up and get out. You don’t need to worry about heart rate or trying to run the whole way. Just start with a walk. If you aren’t on a current workout routine this is a great way to get started. 

You don’t have to be a gym junky to get started on improving your health and exercise efforts. Getting outside and taking a walk is a great way to start burning off your Covid belly while enjoying nature and maybe even getting a few minutes to yourself.

2: Self Improvement:

One thing that these lockdown restrictions have done is slow down the pace of our lives. This is a great opportunity to work on ourselves. Find a great book, listen to inspiring podcasts (great to do on your walk), meditate, do yoga, deal with unresolved issues, or my favourite, learn something new.

Take this time to learn something new. When your mind is being filled with new and exciting information, it doesn’t have the time to dwell on negative things. Add to your skills set and increase your professional value, start a business, or delve into your passion and creativity. Learn to cook or paint, play an instrument, or write poetry. Whatever it is to you, it will give you a sense of accomplishment during this time that could otherwise feel like life have been set on pause.  

This is the opportunity to grow, think of it like a lockdown cocoon and challenge yourself to emerge from lockdown more skilled and equipped for a new chapter after lockdown.  

3: Finish your project:

Remember that book you were going to write? Or that junk room you have been meaning to organize? The garage that needs tidying or the garden that needs to be planted. You would be surprised how much there is to do when you have time, organize your thousands of photos or the files on your computer. Deep clean the kitchen and organize the cupboards. I’m sure if you think of it and have a look around you can find something, and you don’t have to do it alone.

Get the whole family involved, set the plan, crank up the music and get to it. Not only will you finally be getting that thing finished but you will also get everyone involved and have a shared sense of accomplishment.

4: Host a game night and make it a themed party:

Ok so, I know that we have all been spending a lot of time looking at screens. But trust me, they are much more fun to look at when your friends and family are on the other end. Especially when those friends and family are dressed up in make-shift 80’s attire or vampire gear. The possibilities are endless, we recommend having a cocktail that matches each theme and get everyone involved for a great time. Here are a few suggestions.

Theme 1: Pirates of the Caribbean – Pirate gear and Rum based drinks. It is good to give a few options on the drinks to make it more accessible to people. Some great rum-based drinks are Mojitos. These refreshing little treats go down way to easy and loosen up mood quickly. They are pretty easy to make as well. Daiquiris are a delicious and fun way to feel like you’re having dessert while also getting a little buzz on.  Both drinks are easy to make with or without alcohol, are delicious and a fun treat for something you don’t have every day.

Theme 2: Vampires and Zombies. You know that look, either a glamourous or bloody vampire, pale with fangs. Or a decaying living corpse, mangled and rotted by death. This is Thriller baby, and it’s going to be fun. Drinks include bloody mary’s, which can be so much fun, set up a bloody mary station like a buffet table and have all the ingredients laid out for people to make their own. We also like to make a zombie apocalypse, this one requires a bit more on the bartending side, but we think it’s worth it.   

Send the theme and the cocktail recipes to your guests and set a date for great times you weren’t expecting to have. Listen it may be glitchy and awkward at first but at the end of the day all of the covid stuff will subside and you’ll find yourself having fun with your nearest and dearest.

Whatever you decide to do, make it yours. Your time, your improvement, your project, your friends, and your family. Covid-19 has shown us that it isn’t over yet, but neither is your life. We need to stay safe and keep our families safe. Right now, that means that we have to stay home, But it doesn’t mean that we need to stop living.

Mental Health is a real issue and sometimes we have to make an effort to make ourselves feel better. Find joy in the little things and try something different, you may be surprised how much better you will feel.

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