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Corporate Events: Practical Tips for Product Launches

November 14, 2013 by In House Marketing

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Corporate Events: Practical Tips for Product Launches

It may come as a surprise, but new products don’t just appear in the market unannounced – there is a lot that ties in with the occasion, including a launch event or party. It may seem like an exhausting and daunting task at first – and that’s because it is. But with a bit of guidance and know-how, the stress can be reduced considerably, leaving you with emotional room to be proud of your efforts when the night is finally over. Here are a few of our tips to get you started for your next corporate event, gathered over years of watching and assisting clients with their respective launches:


Before anything else is decided, timing is something to get out of the way early. There are many things to consider when it comes to timing: Is the target audience likely to be free during this time? For example: if they’re university students, it’s better to get them early in the semester, when they’re not bogged down with assignments. If they’re in the corporate sector, a Friday night event is ideal. Other things to consider: major holidays (especially public holidays), whether you will launch it in conjunction with someone else’s product or as an add-on to a product you already sell.


You will need to target your audience by the most appropriate means possible before the event. Offering previews to bloggers is a great method of getting the word out there in an organic way, but, of course, the way you will target the audience will depend on the nature of the product and the event in particular.


Let me just tell you now – if you get lazy with the choice of venue, you will regret it come launch night. The venue is incredibly important – it says a lot about the company, the product, even the person that attends the event. If your product is for an older consumer that lives in the suburbs, it is not appropriate to have your launch at a nightclub in the city. That’s an out there example, but it’s one to consider nonetheless. Consult your budget before making any decisions on venue


Right – so you’ve arranged the perfect venue, set the date and piqued enough interest to make this the best launch of the year. You now need to decide what’s going to happen when your guests enter the venue and make sure it sticks in their minds when they exit the venue. If your launch event is primarily geared towards the media, you need to give them maximum visibility to the product, letting them access it and photograph it in a flattering way. You will need to ensure that there is adequate branding of your company logo, whether it be on the marquee (if the event is outdoors) or on printed materials. If you’ve marketed the product as an exotic product, hiring dancers or other performers to weave through the crowd help to convey that message.

If the launch is for the future consumers of the product, you may want to consider special on-the-night deals such as a discounts or bonuses if they purchase on the night. The most important thing to consider is this: your guests comfort. While you want to ensure maximum exposure of your product, comfort should be your main priority. Ensure there is ample seating available, and, if the event will be going for a long time, consider hiring themed drinks and catering services if your budget allows for it. If the event is outdoors, ensure you have protected your guests from the elements by hiring temporary marquees or similar structures to protect from wind and rain.

The Follow Up

If you thought the launch ended at the event, you are sorely mistaken. It is imperative that you keep the momentum going, lest your product fall flat, abandoned and forgotten in the hype of the night. During the event, you should have already begun your follow-up process, collecting information by way of subscription lists or competition data and use that to conduct your ongoing marketing initiatives. Offer rewards to consumers that assist in marketing practices and use the data to lead you through the rest of the product’s lifespan.

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