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Marquee Hire: Make the most of your event

December 9, 2013 by In House Marketing

Wedding marquee decorated with white and purple

Hiring a marquee is one of the wisest ways to get the most of the weather and the scenery at your event. Learn all about how to match the perfect marquee to your style and day below.

Planning an outdoor event in Sydney can be difficult but, when done properly, has impressive results. On top of the regular things to consider – timing, invitations, catering and more – there’s one black cloud that looms over outdoor events: the weather. Even the sunniest of summers can produce thunderstorms or a forecasted ‘light shower’ could turn into a hailstorm. What I’m trying to say is that Mother Nature is a moody mistress, and you have to be ready to tackle whatever she throws at you. Hiring a marquee is one of the simplest ways to battle the forces of nature and come out on top – here are our tips for getting the most out of these simple structures.

Get the right marquee for your event

Is the event a lunchtime function, a corporate product launch or for a wedding? You will need to take this into consideration when deciding on a marquee.  You may want a customised marquee, which is not always a possibility with all event hiring services. Pillingers offer a completely customisable marquee, from sizing to colour to printing your company logo on the marquee so it’s easily recognisable.

Get the right marquee for comfort

Pillingers Hiring Service offers a complete set up and pull down service, meaning that you won’t have to lift a finger when it comes to the event preparation and pack up. This leaves you time to focus on other aspects of the event and enjoy what’s going on around you!

Get the right marquee for the weather

Yep, that thing we mentioned first of all – the weather. There are several types of marquees that will be able to guard you from the elements. If it’s a windy day, choose a walled marquee. If it’s the sun you’re trying to keep out, ensure that you install an opaque marquee as opposed to a transparent one.

Get the right furniture to match your chosen marquee

Hiring a marquee is just the first step – but you can’t have an empty “room” within it! For most events, you’ll need to at least consider tables, seating and food and drink catering. Other events will have to think about hiring a dancefloor and DJ to help fill it! If you go with a good marquee company, chances are they’ll be able to help you with these additional requests.

These are just the starting points to think about when you’re in the planning stages for your event, but there may be other things that come into the mix that you haven’t even thought of yet. For any questions and queries, call Pillingers today for an obligation-free quote on (02) 8783 0994

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