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Party Hire: The Ultimate Party ‘To Do’ List

September 23, 2013 by In House Marketing

Be it a wedding, a 21st or a corporate bash we all know throwing a party can be a stressful affair. Follow our lead when it comes to party planning like a pro and give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back for throwing such a legendary do.

1. The earlier the better. It sounds blatantly obvious but you’d be surprised how many people start contacting their catering companies or party hire groups with only a few weeks to spare. Remember, there’s nothing new in the sea. If you’re throwing a party in late spring because you think the weather is going to be wonderful we guarantee numerous other people have the same idea. Try and give yourself a few months to really bring everything together. Send out ‘Save the Dates’ and work on the details from there.

2. Give yourself a budget. It’s important to know how much you want to spend, then give said figure a little room to grow. If your budget has no room for error round it down so you still have some spare cash to spend on any pop-up expenses.

3. Pick your location & finalise your guest list. These two need to work cohesively. If you’re inviting 200+ people the cool and intimate space you had your heart set on may not feel so hip when you’re all crammed in there like cattle. In the same vein, a stylish industrial space may feel barren and overpowering with a small crowd. Know your guest list, know your location and make sure they’re going to work for each other.

4. Pick a theme. We know, we know… you don’t want a 80s wedding or a Venetian ball 50th (or, maybe you do) but picking a theme doesn’t always mean something so obvious. Your venue is a good place to start. If your event is taking place by the water, pick décor, food and a cocktail list complementary of your surroundings. A gorgeous Tuscan-inspired villa in the Hunter Valley would be beautifully paired with a Mediterranean menu and great wine list.

5. Determine what equipment you’ll need to hire. Will you need a stage? A dance floor? Or, a marquee? Is it a sit down dinner, a buffet or a cocktail party? Will you need to hire a bar? A DJ? Or, a band? Again, this is where having a “theme” can help you. A cocktail party by the bay partners wonderfully with a cool three-piece string group while a buffet and DJ work well in a larger converted factory space. While you’re at it determine who you’ll need to hire. Bar and wait staff, security and entertainers will all have to be booked in advance.

6. Consider your guests. It’s important and responsible to know how your guests are going to get home safely. Even if you’re hosting a home party, if you’re serving alcohol it’s crucial to consider where you’re guests are coming from and how they’re going to get back there in one piece. Depending on the location of your venue and your budget, decide if it’s more practical for people to stay overnight somewhere local. Additionally organising some cab charge tickets or group transportation (like a private bus) can ensure revelers are in safe hands.

7. Call the neighbours. If you’re at a venue typically used for events this probably won’t apply to you. But if you’re having your party at a residence it might be well worth the effort to sweeten the deal with your neighbours beforehand. Head over to let them know in person or write a letter including the date and your contact details. If you know them well enough invite them along; alternatively, a nice bottle of wine can be the one thing between a disgruntled neighbour and a joy-killing noise complaint.